Lexus CT-S EV Scooter Design Concept


You may have always wanted one as a kid but now they just look so clunky and childish; most electric scooters today are not ones you would see ridden by business people and others in the professional world. That is until designer Goldberg Boris¬†slapped together a design for this slick piece of kit called the Lexus CT-S; now who wouldn’t want one?

scooter Lexus CT S EV Scooter Design Concept

scooter2 Lexus CT S EV Scooter Design Concept

scooter3 Lexus CT S EV Scooter Design Concept

scooter4 Lexus CT S EV Scooter Design Concept

The design was said to be inspired by the company’s own L-FINESSE, keeping it compact and agile; that is made possible using carbon fiber to construct the body and lithium ion batteries to keep it going and going like the Energizer bunny. The compact design also makes it perfect for storing in the trunk of one’s car while it charges from the 12v socket as you drive and generate electricity.

If Lexus does intend to construct this masterful mobility device, it could be included in your next Lexus car purchase so you can drive into the city for work, park a ways from the office, and glide in with luxurious style at the envy of all your co-workers. Let us know in the comment if you would ride a Lexus CT-S around town.


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