Staying Stylish And Safe With The Invisible Helmet


Being “Green” is one of the latest trends to hit the professional world, and part of that initiative is to use less fossil fuels by using less conventional modes of transportation such as the bicycle. However, the modern bicycle helmet is not the most stylish piece of safety equipment and it is the leading cause of a bad hair day, so many riders choose to ditch the gear to keep looking cool and eventually end up in the hospital after an accident due to the lack of head protection. So, two inventors from Sweden took upon themselves to solve this dilemma and created the Hövding, a.k.a the Invisible Helmet!

neck helmet Staying Stylish And Safe With The Invisible Helmet

The picture above shows the helmet as you would buy it. It looks like a fashionable unisex scarf that pretty inconspicuous as you ride to work or to the store for some milk, and you may continue to wear it around without the feeling of having a plastic shell on your head. The protection comes in when the rechargeable battery-powered accelerometers and gyroscope tell the helmet that you’ve been in a crash and instantly inflate the encompassing airbag you see in the picture below.

neck helmet1 Staying Stylish And Safe With The Invisible Helmet

The model is even pulling off the look of the airbag around her head but I don’t everyone can so keeping it in “scarf” mode is probably for the best. Unfortunately there are a few downsides to this amazing technology, the helmet can only deploy once and then you will have to spend another $600 to replace it. But if you’re not very accident prone and like the comfort of knowing your head is secure, this could be the perfect attire for your biking needs, and, with multiple color shells to coordinate with, how could you go wrong?


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