BERO – Your Personal Android-Powered Robot


Kickstarter has brought some pretty incredible products into the consumer market through the power of crowdfunding; whether it’s phone cases, pens, or home-automation gizmos, there is something for everyone to back on this popular platform. Now Reality Robotics Limited has created something many people probably didn’t know they wanted until they saw it, a robot called BERO controlled by your Android phone.

BERO4 BERO   Your Personal Android Powered Robot

BERO stands for Be The RObot, and this nifty gadget sure to keep you constantly entertained. The Kickstarter page describes BERO as “an expertly-engineered-multi-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platform that features an advanced internal operating system for communicating through an open source APP with an Androidâ„¢ smartphone through Bluetoothâ„¢” with plans for iOS in the near future.

BERO BERO   Your Personal Android Powered Robot

As the pictures above and below suggests, the original design was a clone of the Android mascot and provided a slight ethical/legal predicament with Google. After a brief meeting at the Mountain View HQ, the BERO team decided to redesign their robotic companion with new arms, eyes, and some stylish headphones, along with multiple colors depending on how much you back the project.

BERO2 BERO   Your Personal Android Powered Robot

Other than looking like a cute little robo-buddy, Reality Robotics Limited has packed a lot of technology and features into BERO’s 4-inch body including an onboard speaker and amplifier, several LEDs to light up the headphones and eyes, a PCB (printed circuit board), two infrared transmitters, one infrared receiver, and a Bluetooth module. The PCB’s chip controls all motor functions, sound playback, and Bluetooth commands for BERO to act just like you want hime too. It is also completely hackable for you mad scientists out there who want BERO to be a personal army or any other functions you are capable of making it do.

BERO3 BERO   Your Personal Android Powered Robot

BERO can also be your personal notification center as well with the ability to communicate with your Twitter feed by letting you know when you get a mention and reading it aloud if you so choose. With a little hacking and an Arduino, you could get BERO to let you know when the laundry is done or if someone has broken into your house. On the lighter side, BERO’s onboard speaker will allow you to play from your phone while you work and dances along as well.

Are you interested in getting a BERO for yourself? There is still 31 days left for the Kickstarter project, so you still have plenty of time to decide. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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