Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S


If you own an iPhone then I must say you have a classy taste for decent designs but choosing a case for that cool looking phone is far more difficult because a badly chosen case would ruin its beauty completely in summer.

But don’t you worry about that because we have compiled an exclusive list of iPhone cases that would add to the beauty of your iPhone and make it even more classier.

1. Hex Code Wallet

 Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S

Hex Code Wallet case for iPhone is one the best currently available in the market. Made of genuine leather this case comes in British tan, black, or white colours. It also has an elastic strap that secures the cover. The key features of Hex Code Wallet case are:

  • Credit Card Slot
  • Improves Protection
  • Slim profile Design
  • Way Cool!


$49.95 (Buy Now)

2. Skanz

2 Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S

Skanz iPhone cases allows you to create your own QR code and print on the back of your iPhone – so that people can scan you.

There are three styles to choose from:

  • Flexible case: Soft, very pliable material. (Silver or turquoise code)
  • Semi-flex: More rigid, with a lot less give. (Pink or White code)
  • Combo: Comes with a flexible silicone interior and a hard exterior (Pink QR code & silicone interior or Red QR code & silicone interior)


$19.99 (BuyNow)

3. Case-Mate SpiderMan

spider man Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S

The amazing Spider-Man leaps and jumps into action with his extraordinary arachnid abilities. Creating a web of protection against villainous foes, Spider-Man defends against all evil. With great power comes great responsibility, especially when protecting your iPhone.


$40.00 (Buy Now)

4. CAMO OtterBox Defender

otter Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S

The rugged Camo iPhone 4/4S case provides unrivaled protection from rough treatment. It is made of a high-impact polycarbonate shell, durable silicone and a built-in screen protector defending against scratches, dust and drops.


$59.95 (Buy Now)

5. Case-Mate Leather Racing Stripe Pouch

case Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S

Inspired by vintage sportswear, this premium leather pouch by Case-Mate takes a sophisticated yet fresh approach to office style especially in summers. Sporting a colored vertical stripe, the supple leather case is finely crafted. The versatile pouch closes with a magnetic pull-tab closure, which makes accessing your device easier than ever. The interior is lined with a plush microfiber. Top-stitch detailing completes the polished look.


$45.00 (Buy Now)


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