Looks Like The iPhone And Galaxy S III Have Run Away Together [VIDEO]


We’ve all seen some crazy celebrity marriages but nothing like this recently discovered smartphone concept called the iSung Galaxy 5.

photo 11 Looks Like The iPhone And Galaxy S III Have Run Away Together [VIDEO]

This Frankenstein of a phone design has mixed together rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5 and the features of Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. It touts the shape of a slighty enlarged and redesigned iPhone 4/4S with a brushed aluminum front bezel and ceramic-style back seen on the Galaxy S III. The screen is supposedly a higher resolution than that of the current iPhone generation, although I don’t know how much higher you can get after Retina-display, and a physical home button between two capacitive buttons, like that of Android 4.0.

photo 2 Looks Like The iPhone And Galaxy S III Have Run Away Together [VIDEO]

The firmware on this mythical monstrosity appears to be Apple’s iOS with a few Ice Cream Sandwich/Touchwiz tweaks added on. For example, the iSung Galaxy has NFC, which may be seen on the next-gen iPhone but currently exists on the newest Galaxy devices, and iBeam support, allowing users to easily share pictures and videos. Samsung’s own Touchwiz interface can be seen through the ability to view videos while searching the web.

Although a longshot in terms of a realist product, the folks at Techradar have made a valiant effort to amuse both the Apple and Android fanboys; however, it has been poorly received with over 53% dislikes on their video. With Apple and Android consistently at each other’s throats over patent infringement, it is highly unlikely that such a beast as this may exist, but bravo to the dreamers who can imagine such harmony and maybe try for a tad more creativity next time around.


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