Gravity Bikes – Look Mom, No Pedals!


Bicycles have not changed much since the beginning of the 20th century; sure they’re made of different materials but they still have two wheels, pedals, brakes, chain, and frame. Innovation in the bike is long overdue and apparently Jeff Tiedeken agrees because his Gravity Bike is definitely something out of the ordinary.

Gravity Bike1 Gravity Bikes   Look Mom, No Pedals!

The biggest thing about Jeff’s new bike is that there are no pedals, chain, or gears! It uses gravity to go, hence the name, and definitely has one of the sleekest designs around. The frame has a hump in the middle of the bike rather than the straight bar you would commonly see, and the handlebars and seat are inset into the frame rather than protruding above it; this shape allows the rider to comfortably hunker down while coasting at the high speeds reached by the amazing invention.

Gravity Bike2 Gravity Bikes   Look Mom, No Pedals!

Gravity Bike3 Gravity Bikes   Look Mom, No Pedals!

Gravity Bike4 Gravity Bikes   Look Mom, No Pedals!

This bike has been tested to speeds up to 50 mph and supposedly has the potential to reach 70 mph! Thinking that might have you wondering, if there’s no chain, pedals, or gears how does he stop? Well, like any high-speed bike (motorized or otherwise) Jeff uses hydraulic disk brakes to slow this coasting king of a machine.

While the design and concept of never having to pedal again sounds nice, it’s really only practical for those one-way downhill trips.

Gravity Bike5 Gravity Bikes   Look Mom, No Pedals!

Once you get to the bottom of your adrenaline-inducing, speed-crazed track, you’re essentially walking it back up the way you came or finding a generous friend to hitch a ride with. So enjoy your adventure, while the rest of us keep to same model we’ve used for over a hundred years.


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  1. Robertcarver says:

    the first bicycle, known as the velocipede, had no pedals. the rider kicked it along with his/her feet.

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