Build Your Own Electric Car Now!


Japan has continually been at the forefront of technological innovation and it doesn’t stop when it comes to electric vehicles. A company called Modi-Corp has come up with a one-seater electric car that you can build yourself.

Modi Corp pius 3 537x267 Build Your Own Electric Car Now!

This new contraption is classified as a class-1 motorized bicycle and called the Pius. It will be primarily advertised to colleges and mechanic shops to show how electric cars work on a cheaper and smaller scale, but there could be so many other uses for it as well.

Modi Corp pius 2 Build Your Own Electric Car Now!

At 98-inches long and 48-inches wide, the Pius could also be a great vehicle to for food delivery or a portable beach buggy.

Modi Corp pius Build Your Own Electric Car Now!

The car gets up to 21mph, goes as far as 15 miles on one charge, and will come in six colors. Sure you will have to build it yourself but that is definitely half the fun. No final pricing has been released but just looks forward to next spring when you could be one of the proud owners of a brand new Pius, leading the way in electric motor technology.


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  1. Shamim Ahsan Babu says:

    Excellent ……..

  2. Sberryscake says:

    im wondering how much will it cost?

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