Dress Made With Film Strips And LEDs Is Pure Awesomeness


Fancy or even jewel-embedded dresses not up to your hopes for standing out in a crowd? Well, you are certainly gonna be more interested in this one, made with film strips and LEDS, making you look like a moving lightbox.

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Known as the “Little Slide Dress”, this illuminated piece of are is designed by Emily Steel as an attempt to combine modern technology with fashion designing. It uses classic film and LEDs to make the images move.

Emily was inspired by classic movies and the ‘magic of film” to create this unusual wearable technology. She considered light as so important in the creation and viewing of images, compelling her even more to make it.

Meanwhile, when there is more than enough light available, the LEDs in turn off, and pretend to look like a shiny black dress, as shown in the left part of the image above. The LEDs come back to work as it gets darker and as the lights slowly pulse, the slide images are revealed.

Would you like to wear this dress?


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  1. […] The hoodies can be ordered in four options, either black or white for the fabric and blue or pink for the lights. The lights are actually electroluminescent rope that run up the zipper and around the hood for a futuristic look when going for a jog or hitting up the club late at night. They will cost you a pretty penny at $90 from their webstore but you will be the envy of all your friends by wearing the latest in light-up fashion. […]

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