Cars In Sandbox: A Learning Game For Kids [App Review]


So, you got an iPad for your child and looking for some unique and knowledgeable apps to add to it? If yes, then this app might be of your interest.

Cars in Sandbox is a different app that is specially designed for children who just crossed the 2-year age mark. Children who find construction vehicles interesting would be quite fascinated to get their hands on this app.

34 Cars In Sandbox: A Learning Game For Kids [App Review]

What this App all about?

Cars in Sandbox presents to you various construction vehicles along with road-building machineries with the look of toys within a sandpit. As you progress in the app, you will come across a number of beautiful animations, that come with great video-graphics and effects of sound. These videos explain it in a very simple way about the working of each vehicle and how it actually helps other people in the real world.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? In fact, the vehicles are quite accurate to what they look like in real world. To keep the player interested, the developers have also added a few surprises in the face of opening doors and sounding horns. This, indeed, makes the learning experience for children cool and fascinating. To make it move, simply touch and tip the screen. In addition, the arms of the vehicles can be extended and the dumper can be operated, both by a couple of simple touches.

13 Cars In Sandbox: A Learning Game For Kids [App Review]

There are 8 vehicles, each one comes with a different mission to be completed. For instance, there is one mission to move toys around which will educate your child about the functioning and working of each of the 8 construction vehicles present in the app.

Unique Features of Cars in Sandbox:

There are quite many unique characteristics that make this app different from others. In addition to learning, the app offers the following characteristics:

  • Easy to understand and simple to play
  • Can be played again and again without boredom
  • Adds learning factor to play ; making it an uncommon an interest app to learn about various construction vehicles
  • Fascinating and beautiful backgrounds at every stage
  • Realistic sound effects of every vehicle
  • Overall colorful and eye-catching display

The Vehicles:

So, what vehicles are there in the app, that your child will get to know about? Here’s the list:

  • Dump truck: Truck that is used to transport loose material for the purpose of construction. Loose materials include things like sand, dirt or gravel.
  • Rock Handler: Specifically used to lift heavy objects, like rocks and trees and put them at the desired place.
  • Hauling tractor: Tractor that is used to haul materials.
  • Grader: Works as a road grader, motor grader, a blade, or a maintainer, used to flatten a surface with the use of its blade.
  • Crawler-mounted excavator: Mainly a mining vehicle, used for mining purposes.
  • Telescopic handler: This vehicle is extensively used for agricultural purposes
  • Loader: As the name suggests, this vehicle is brought in use to load material, such as dirt, snow, gravel, debris, etc, onto another construction vehicle.
  • Truck crane: This one’s a crane that is mounted over a truck for better mobility.

Cars in Sandbox has been designed to acquaint your child with motor skills, by combining playing with learning. Every time your child clears a mission or stage, they are awarded with a new gold star, a sign of motivation for them to clear all the stages. No doubt, the app has beautiful visual graphics that are sure to fascinate your child, but if you got the all-new iPad 3 with Retina display, playing on this app will be an altogether different and much more amazing experience for your child.

210 Cars In Sandbox: A Learning Game For Kids [App Review]

Awarded the Editor’s Choice Award by Children’s Technology Review, this app has great reviews by parents on the App Store and can be bought without any second thoughts for your child.


It costs $2.99 for iPad and $0.99 for iPhone and is compatible with iOS 4.2 or later.

Download Link:

Download Cars In Sandbox for your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad now. [Download Link]


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