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  1. You’re wrong about BMW.  The Blue and White are the colors of Bavaria, where the company started.  The checkered design is also their flag.

      1. It could, but it isn’t. The spinning propeller connection was mentioned in “Finding Forrester”. Too bad, the Bayerische Motoren Werke as BMW was originally named does lend its logo from the bavarian flag. BMW only started making aircraft engines 6 months after the establishment of the logo in 1917.

  2. Two omissions. The Toyota logo contains all the letters of the word TOYOTA. And the Subaru logo of stars refers to the fact that SUBARU in Japanese means ‘Pleades’ a constellation sometimes called the seven sisters.

  3. This article is pathetic and poorly researched.

    BMW is wrong, The blue and white checkers are from the Bavarian flag, the rest was made to match the RAPP logo (the original founding company),

    Amazon is blindingly obvious (not a hidden meaning),

    Apple is Wrong, Jobs had the hole put in to prevent people from thinking it was a cherry.

    IBM is Wrong, Paul Rand put in the horizontal lines to suggest speed and dynamism

    VolksWagen isn’t a hidden meaning. Yes, Volks Wagen means People’s Car. It’s the literal meaning of the compound noun. It isn’t a secret or hidden in any way, if anything It was originally Propaganda

    FedEx. You’re not wrong here, except you do realize that the main logo is orange, but it is often printed in red, blue, green, grey, yellow etc right?

    Toyota is wrong. The overlap between the two smaller ellipses was to represent the mutually beneficial relationship and trust between the customer and company, and forms a T (for toyota) and the larger ellipse represented the global expansion of Toyota’s technology and potential for the future.

    Stop getting your information from blogs and useless crap and learn how to do some proper research, hell even a wikipedia search would have set you straight on a few things.

    1. I work for BMW, and the logo is a propeller against a blue sky to represent where the company originated, it started as a aircraft engine company. Your an idiot that think he knows it all

    2. Thanks Micheal.

      I agree that the article is poorly researched.

      I read this article specifically to see if they would get the BMW thing right.

      The BMW prop myth is particularly irritating to a BMW motorcycle owner and graphics fan.

      Here is a link to back up what you said about the BMW logo.

      The writers of this article could have found this info with the slightest attempt at research.


    3. VW is no secret ! Hitler sketched the car on a napkin,at an Italian eatery in Munich.”They will be as numerous as June Bugs”,he said.. But the original name was to be KDF wagen.. Strength Through Joy car.. Sold through the purchase of coupons,to be filled in a booklet,where someone worked. The British French , declaration of war September 3,39 destroyed the go ahead.

  4. You are wrong about Apple as well, Company name is “Apple Computers” means AC so he took apple symbolically in drawing and the bite mark is showing the letter “C”.

  5. blue strips in IBM logo – I was thinking this is a prisoner uniform of german death camp for Jews like Auschwitz, Birkenau , Treblinka, Dachau, etc…..isnt’ it? IBM was collaborating with III Reich of Germany.

    1. Obviously your not aware enough to mention how many other nationalities were in the death camps, and how Polish died for Jews. Most companies, all the german ones worked with Nazis and IBM-good catch there. Current collaborators are Amazon and Ebay.

      1. LOL ! It never ends.. The Reich could of just killed the people where they were,or let them into there own firebombed cities.. 3.5 million German Civilians deliberately ‘terror bombed’ in them ! Wow, Now the Polish. It would of taken the Nazis 75 Years,to ‘Gas’,and 35 to cremate ‘6 million Jews’. The war only lasted 4! How many more years to add the Poles? No ashes ever found ! I guess its still going on? LOL

    2. Here we go ! And Allied companies worked for THEIR war effort ! That is how it works. As for ‘Death Camps’.. They were WORK CAMPS.. The International Red Cross Report Of 1948 said they saw NO HOMICIDAL GAS CHAMBERS IN ANY CAMP.. No forensic evidence today. Gas residue,human ashes,dead soil,special suits,fans,air tight doors.. Plus even the mainstream admit NO GAS CHAMBERS EXISTED IN GERMANY ! Only reported in Poland ! I guess you want money from BMW,form the billions already extorted.. Plus IBM based plants worked for the Reich,not USA Based.. Of course !

  6. The “TOYOTA” logo also has contained within it all the letters of the word ‘toyota’- the spelled out word is analytic to the symbol. Pretty brilliant.

  7. mercedes sign is not true…arrows stand for water,oil,and air,and circle stand for earth…. so storry is :give me air ,water and oil and i can circle the globe…i know,,,i am german

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