Top 10 Corrupt Politicians


It is said that corruption and politics go hand in hand and it’s actually true. Every day we come across news alleging the politicians of frauds, scams and corruptions. Remember, with great powers comes great responsibilities. However, certain individuals pay too much attention to their personal interest rather than interest of the state or country.

Corrupt politicians threaten the economy as well as democracy of a country — the overall confidence of the citizens also takes a beating due to this. The following is the list of top 10 corrupt politicians.

1. Mohamed Suharto

Mohamed Suharto,Suharto Mohamed

This gentleman was president of Indonesia from the year 1967 till 1998. During his stint as the president of the country he amassed a wealth of approximately $30 billion. This wealth was in the form of real estate, cash, shares as well as expensive fine art. During his 31 year presidency, the value of Indonesia currency fell rapidly and economy went into a bad shape.

2. Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos is another president who was in news for misappropriation and diversion of funds for his personal interest. He was president of Philippines from 1972 to 1986 and made a fortune of roughly $10 billion during this period. Even his cronies and relatives were accused of political mismanagement and rampant corruption.

3. Mobutu Sese Seko

Mobutu Sese Seko

He embezzled funds worth more than $5 billion during his regime as President of Zaire from 1965-77. He was involved in many cases of frauds and scams which hampered the economy of Zaire.

4. Sani Abacha

Sani Abacha

Sani Abacha, this Nigerian president made a fortune of $5 billion during the years 1993-1998. He had many properties and foreign assets. After his death, the post-Abacha government recovered more than $3 billion from his family and representatives.

5. Slobodan Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic

Well, no wonder this list contains another president. Slobodan was president of Serbia for a period of 11 years from 1989 till 2000. He was charged not only with corruption during his political stint but also for war crimes as well as crimes against humanity. He amassed wealth of more than $1 billion during his political career.

6. Jean-Claude Duvalier

Jean-Claude Duvalier,Jean Claude Duvalier,Claude Duvalier

Even though he was the president of small country Haiti, the corruption charges levied against him are too big. He was known in the country as well as world over for his lavishing lifestyle during the period 1971-1986. If reports are to be believed, his wedding in the year 1980 cost was worth more than $3 million. It was also alleged he was involved in drug peddling and human trafficking and said to divert funds more than $700 million in his own interest.

7. Alberto Fujimori

Alberto Fujimori

He was a controversial figure in the political circles of Peru. He was president of the country from a good ten years from 1990 till 2000 and faced charges of corruptions, violation of human rights as well as authoritarianism. He faced many trials in the court of law and is said to amass wealth of more than $600 million during his presidential career.

8. Pavlo Lazarenko

Pavlo Lazarenko

Even though he was the Prime minister of Ukraine for only a year i.e. 1996-1997, the funds embezzled by him was more than $200 million. He spent widely on lavishing lifestyle. However, later he was convicted and sent to jail in US on charges of wire fraud, money laundering as well as extortion.

9. Arnoldo Alemán

Arnoldo Alemán,Arnoldo Aleman

The Aronoldo administration was full of cooperation from top to bottom. At the end of his presidency at 2002, it was alleged that he has amassed wealth of $100 million. His property and foreign accounts were sealed by the court and he was sent to prison for nine months on charges of corruption.

10. Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada

Last in the list comes the president of Philippines, Joseph Estrada. He was serving presidential post from 1998 until 2001. He had an acting career spanning more than 30 films before he joined politics. In just three years, he was involved in the scams involving more than $80 million. It is also worthy to note that he was first Philippine president to be impeached and convicted.


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30 Responses to " Top 10 Corrupt Politicians "

  1. Clayton says:

    Palagpat lang kamo, sin o na ungu nag himu sini man? hahaha! GMA was more corrupt!

  2. Salman says:

    Its misleading… where is Pakistan’s Zardari???

  3. Guest says:

    This makes no sense. Slobodan Milosevic died in 2006. and this text doesn’t mention this fact.

  4. arb99 says:

    where is Gloria Arroyo? She should be included, she’s more than corrupt than estrada

  5. sonia gandhi says:

    i presume the indian national congress is not being counted? 

  6. Jlislove says:

    What about the Dominican republic…??? What was that…? Too many to count..!?!!

  7. Jogams Allen says:

    and Enrique Peña Nieto!!???

  8. William Vega says:

    What about Alvaro Uribe? former president of Colombia

  9. Ems Kobus says:

    They don’t count south africa’s latest president’s either??

  10. Raul says:

    How come none from the USA? Philippines tops with 2 corrupted leaders..if they threw in Gloria it would have topped at 3….a world record! hahaha

  11. Fox says:

    im indonesian and im proud my late president top at number one

  12. Guest says:

    did anyone notice? for the first politician, he remained president from 1967 to 1988, that is 21 years. whereas it is written 32 years afterwards… dont even know counting

  13. Constipated_jerk says:

    Correction. Joseph Estrada may have been impeached but no final judgment was made because people started going out on streets calling for his resignation, which he eventually obliged. A case of plunder was filed against him thereafter, and this time he was convicted (which by the way is a capital offense). Later, he got presidential clemency courtesy of another corrupt president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, no less. Now, Joseph Estrada is a full-fledged EX-CONVICT.

  14. Geronimosses says:

    WHAT?? No Mexican politicians??? But they are the cruelest, most cynic and most power hungry in the whole world! And I’m just talking about the good ones, the ones that actually do some work. The rest, the real corrupt… They are less than maggots… They are evil incarnated.

    All these feats without a single hour wasted in any school.

  15. Master Ronin says:

    Meh! When is this survey taken? Enrique Peña Nieto and all his minions can actually top a 1000 list and way beyond 😉

  16. Anand says:

    If no Indian is there..It is fake

  17. Magyar says:

    És Gyurcsány Ferenc?

  18. A says:

    this is not true, because if this is true then gloria arroyo should have been included…

  19. joharkaran says:

    Where is Sharad Pawar, Pranab Mukherjee, Manmohan Singh, Vajpayee,

  20. vikash says:

    no indian strange,whose politicians money is largest in swiss bank accounts..

  21. Gunjan says:

    I wonder why Sonia Gandhi is missing in the list

  22. thegreatone says:

    Where is Asif Ali Zardari, the most corrupt president in the history of Pakistani presidents, and probably the world, also.

  23. Motor wala says:

    How come there are no Indian politician here,especially from the Congress…

  24. Grace says:

    But Marcos is still the best president. As compared to the latest Philippines’ economy, his presidency brought high economy to the country…

  25. FMarc says:

    Oh come’n Ferdinand Marcos Aint Corrupt in fact he did so much for the country

  26. aizat sahid says:

    where’s najib?

  27. if Asif Zardari is not the part of this list than it is fake and based on false report boecause he has done P.hd in corruption and also got the th chance to apply it.

  28. Fozia Khan says:

    Indian and Pakistan’s politicians are more corrupt.

  29. Funny how there are no North American politicians in this list, who are you, the CIA?

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