Have Your Own Face On A Super-Hero Action Figure


All you action figure lovers have you ever thought of replacing that usual action hero head with your own? Well, weirdly enough it’s possible to replace that lame old head with a more personalized one (your own head) thanks to the folks at firebox.

The process starts by customers taking two photos without glasses on a neutral background, with photos being profile and portrait shots. These pictures can then be uploaded to Firebox’s website to get your own action figure head with the help of a 3D printer.

super 6666666fy Have Your Own Face On A Super Hero Action Figure

Obviously the resolution and quality of the head isn’t upto the mark due to limitations in current 3D printing technologies but any ways the head is good enough to be used on your action dolls. Firebox then ships the head to its respective buyer alongside one of the five action figures after which they can pop off the stock head from that figure and replace it with their own.

superfy 787654 Have Your Own Face On A Super Hero Action Figure

I for one wouldn’t want to spend $127 to get a weird looking action figure but let us know what you think of this one of a kind action figure in the comments below.

You can get your Personalised Superhero Action Figure from here.


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