Top 10 Facts About London Olympics Games 2012


The much awaited 2012 London Olympics are going to start soon and the buzz has already begun. The work at all the major venues is almost complete and London-ers are ready to host one of the biggest sporting extravaganza. The city will be hosting Olympics for the third time in the history (1908 and 1948), this time faster a gap of almost 64 years.

The 2012 summer olympic games will be held from 27 July to 12 August 2012, followed by the 2012 Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September.

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Organizing olympics is itself a science, as it requires construction, up gradation and remodeling on a large scale. Here is quick look on Top 10 facts about 2012 London Olympics.

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1. Tickets Sales

Approximately 9 million tickets, including 1.5 million for Paralympics will be on sale to the general public. The sell out rate predicted by the organizers are highly optimistic. More than 3,50,000 people are expected to turn up each day for various events.

2. Economy

The economy of the country is believed to grow rapidly as a result of olympics. Various estimates reveal that this event will leave a positive impact on the economy of United Kingdom making it grow to more than $80 billion by end of 2015. Additionally, it will help to create more than 2,00,000 jobs.

3. Sports

Spectators will get to see a diversified range of sports in this olympics including Hockey, Archery, Tennis, Football etc. In total, 26 sports will be played in addition to the 19 Paralympics sports.

4. Sporting Venues

More than 31 sporting venues will be utilized for hosting various sporting events. All these venues are world class facilities offering a superb experience to both the sportsperson as well as spectators. Majority of them are located at a close distance from Olympic village.

5. Media Attendance

More than 25,000 media personnel from various parts of the world will be present to cover the London Olympics 2012. They will be putting up in the Media Village which will be a part of Olympic Village, where sports-persons and athletes will be residing.

6. Ecology

More than 4200 trees have been planted at the Olympic Village as well as Olympic Park. The first tree was planted by Queen Elizabeth in 2009 and now the plantation work is almost done. Apart from this, more than 90% of the material used in Olympic Park will be recycled or reused after the event gets over.

7. Participating Nations

More than half the world, i.e., 205 nations will be competing for various sports in 2012 Olympics. The athletes will be competing in various sports to increase their medal tally in olympics. In all, more than 11,000 athletes will be representing various nations.

8. The Olympic Park

The size of Olympic Park is larger than 350 football pitches and it will be housing more than 200 structures. It will also have more than 8.3 kilometer of waterways within the premises, making this place as a city within a city.

9. Sporting equipment

More than 9,00,000 sporting items will be used for various sports during the games. It will include almost 3000 footballs and 65,000 towels among various other equipments. For Paralympics Games, more than 1,05,000 items will be used for the sporting events.

10. Legacy

After the games the Olympic Village will be converted to a Polyclinic that will house various schools and nurseries. A part of it will be converted into more than 3000 apartments. Charities will be given to various NGOs and needy. All the equipment used in the games will be provided to the underprivileged for free.


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