iPad 3 To Have Dual-Core A6 Processor, Launch In First Week Of March [UPDATE]


iPad 3’s release is just around the corner and today some more rumours about its specifications have swirled over the web. The latest report states that the next generation iPad will be powered by a dual-core A6 processor and not quad-core as reported earlier. There will also be an updated camera, bigger battery, LTE radio support, and a new display screen. Let’s hope this is true!

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A quad-core processor would certainly allow Apple to compete with Android tablets that are already running on quad-core processors. But, Apple usually doesn’t get bothered by what other tablets have — they do what they like.

There are no new rumours about the tablet‘s release, but we expect it to come out by the end of this month — only 20 or so days are left. **Fingers Crossed**

Update: All Things D, a renowned technology blog, is reporting that iPad 3 will be unveiled in San Francisco at a launch event scheduled for the first week of March. Features of iPad 3 would almost be the same what has been reported through leaks and rumours — Retina display, A6 qual-core processor etc. There’s no news yet when the tablet’s will be available to buy.


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