Top 10 Greatest Innovators of All Time

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Top 10 Greatest Innovators of All Time 1

Our life has become much easier because of various innovations that took place in the last century or so. We cannot imagine a world without electricity, wheel, mobile phones, computers, cars or television. In fact, they have become a necessity of life. However, these things were invented by individuals who worked day and night to make these things available to us. This article will highlight Top 10 greatest innovators of all times.

1. Thomas Edison

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He is the man who showed us how to keep darkness away. He invented a light bulb, because of which we are now able to light bulbs in almost every household. Not only this, Thomas Alva Edison also invented many other things including motion picture camera and phonograph etc. You will be surprised to know that more than 1000 patents are filed under his name.

2. Henry Ford

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He was the founder of Ford Motors. The company went on producing Model T automobile which revolutionized the field of transportation. Henry Ford constantly invested in R&D and took his company to new heights. Soon, he was counted among the richest people in the world and also among the best innovator of all times.

3. Alexander Graham Bell

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Nowadays we all use mobile phones; however until recently the world relied heavily on landline phones. The first landline phone was invented by none other than Alexander Graham Bell. Despite coming from a poor and problematic background, he was a brilliant engineer, scientist and innovator.

4. Wright Brothers

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The Wright brothers, that is, Wilbur and Orville Wright were behind the invention off the world’s first airplane. They made a powered, controlled and sustained airplane in the year 1903. Even though the technology that they used was outdated but it laid the foundation of modern day airplanes.

5. Steve Jobs

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Steve was among the best known faces of recent years. He was an inventor and business man that revolutionized the field of technology with his products. Steve Jobs along with two other associates formed the company “Apple” in his garage not knowing that this brand is going to be the best in the world in the near future.

6. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark is another known face of the IT world. He is an internet entrepreneur and programmer who is behind creating the popular social networking site Facebook. This site went live in 2004 and today millions of people all around the world use this site. He has truly revolutionized the social networking website arena.

7. Benjamin Franklin

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Even though he invented many things but he is best known for inventing lightning rod. Another good thing about him was that he never filed any patent and encouraged other scientists to use his studies and findings as a source of reference.

8. Jerome “Jerry” Hal Lemelson

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Jerry was a prodigious inventor. He invented many things like industrial robbers, camcorder, automated warehouses etc. He filed many patents in the consumer electronics, medical instrumentation and related fields. Among his biggest inventions were the magnetic tapes that were used in tape players.

9. Konrad Zuse

Konrad Zuse,Konrad Zuse

He was the man who was behind making the first functional program controlled computer. He named it Z3. Konard later released the commercial version of the computer named Z4, which revolutionized the way business is conducted worldwide. Today, there is hardly any business or wok that is being done without the help of computers.

10. Alexander Fleming

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The world will always remember the hard work and dedication of Sir Alexander Fleming in the field of medical science. He was a known pharmacologist from Scotland. He invented the first antibiotic penicillin, which lead to the development of various other antibiotics, thereby saving precious human lives from deadly diseases.

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15 Comments on “Top 10 Greatest Innovators of All Time”

  1. Well we all have our list of 10 best. But I’m surprised to see Fleming in the list. He discovered the penicillium mould and its action on bacteria. and left it. He obviously didn’t realise the importance of his discovery and the innovation was by Florey and Chain who isolated the penicillin and instigated the production of therapeutic quantities. Fleming probably deserved his Nobel prize for the discovery and realising the activity, but surely not for innovation.

    In his place and probably in first place should be the inventor of the wheel. Just can’t remember his name….

    1. I agree with all of you guys ! About Tesla , he shoulb the the Number 1 ! And the men that invented a micro wave machine that kill´s all kind of cancer cells, someone burn his oficce ! 🙂

  2. TESLA – impressed Lord Kelvin more than anybody else, made a fool of Edisons electrical knowledge, upset the investments of the Royal Society, demonstrated remote control, wireless power, created lights and other devices powered only by Earths natural resonant frequencies, attempted to build the first ‘internet’ (with data AND power AND wireless),  only to have his laboratories destroyed and be ran over on the street when it became clear he was about to make the established monopoly redundant.

    ANTONIO MEUCCI – invented the telephone, had repeatedly built and used different types of electric telephones several years before Bell did, and even had a working intercom in his house nearly 20 years before Bell even filed a caveat. Bell merely improved upon the concept of electromagnetic audio transmission –  the first to transmit articulate speech by undulatory currents of electricity.


  3. Steve Jobs wan NOT an innovator, it’s a well known fact that Apple borrowed ideas from many sources and wrapped them up in a shiny case…

  4. Is this a Joke
    No Einstein, Braun, Tesla or Curie, Pasteur (instead of Fleming), Pythagoras, Archimedes, Pascal, Volta, Kleinrock, Da Vinci, Mendeleev.
    But instead over hyped fakes like Jobs and Zuckerberg, the first one just bought the companies that showed promises to use their knowledge and pretend it to be apple made (and peoples believed in it thanks to a very clever marketing and communication campaign), the later was just lucky enough to get into a very clever university student networking project and stole the idea to make it a worldwide project (proof is that he paid the original ideas owner a big sum of money to get rid of them).
    If you put Jobs, you have to put Microsoft previous CEO too.
    That list is just made of English or American inventors (or fakes) … my bad, one German … just one out of ten.

    And then you wonder why the rest of the world hate Americans so much … named it the ten greatest American innovators of all time and that would be fair, a bit of humility would be appropriate here

    What a joke.

  5. Nikola Tesla is the real inventor most of above are jokers and Endmund is not the father of electricity hebis just riding on Tesla ideas.

  6. I agree with the consensus this list is way off however they are not all Americans as one poster claims. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scotsman as was Fleming with Zuse being German.

    Zuckerberg in no way belongs on this list nor does Steve Jobs. Realistically neither would make the top 100 since the time frame is “of all time”. Edison is probably the only one on the list who would make the top 10 of all time.

  7. I am disgusted by this list, no tesla? but you got the fake Thomas edison up on number 1????? Tesla is more than all of these people put together, you are a f*cking disgrace to man kind.

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