What Soldiers Look Like Before, During And After War [PHOTOS]


Wars take their toll on every single being who is one way or the other into it somehow. Well the biggest is faced by those who literally fight; the soldiers.

soldier2 mini What Soldiers Look Like Before, During And After War [PHOTOS]

Thinking on the same lines, the photographer Clair Felicie, carried out a project. She snapped some photos of marines in the 13th infantry company of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps for 2009-2010, who were performing their duties in Afghanistan.

Each of the soldiers was photographed before, during and after the war. The photos speak for themselves. The changes are slight but undeniable. The part which expresses their condition best in these pictures (though no one can actually describe it but them: the soldiers) is their eyes, which go from satisfied to sad to gloomy. Look for yourself and discern these faces of war.

soldier3 mini What Soldiers Look Like Before, During And After War [PHOTOS]

soldier4 mini What Soldiers Look Like Before, During And After War [PHOTOS]

soldier5 mini What Soldiers Look Like Before, During And After War [PHOTOS]

soldier1 mini What Soldiers Look Like Before, During And After War [PHOTOS]


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  • http://twitter.com/Gehim Rehan Ahmed

    The last one is the less affected one…

  • Egeartwork

    Take the Afghan or Iraq people, before, during and after also!

    • Joe

       You mean during, during, and during.  These people have been fighting for centuries.

      • Kathy Wiseman Meek

        Let them. Just leave us out of it.

  • Touche

    Interesting idea, but pictures show nothing, because conditions (light etc) are different…

    • Tom

      If you look at the eyes only – you will see the difference.
      Even with ‘just’ black & white pictures.

  • Nonna

    war kills a soldier in every way….they give their lifes for freedom and safety from others….every soldier deserves an award…but no award could cure a broken life and a gloomy soul….eyes say all, even on a picture because they are the mirror of the soul…Respect for every soldier!

  • mgw

    They all look scared in the ‘during’ photos and they all look slightly cynical in the after photos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001162304709 Tonyia Morrison

    Man so tragic what war does to the mind, body, and spirit.  The ones in the middle do look scared and some sad, but the after pix, their eyes are dead, no life, no soul it’s sad.. I have been around and worked around the military all my life and I have so much love, and respect for these men, and kids.  I see some around post and they are just kids it makes me so sad. I respect them for what they do bc I sure wouldn’t do it! These are brave men and women….

    • X The bounty hunter

       Yes! And the pictures sure tell their stories in a way that should be an example for all those that think war is a solution for life. (This proves it is only the solution for ending it, as for all parts involved in the conflict..)

      Sad pictures, but then again, war IS sad..

  • JeffRbee

    (NY Times) More soldiers now die because they commit suicide than die in combat.

  • UltimaF8

    I think the saddest part is the fact that it isn’t even necessary. Ask any civilian from any country, everyone just wants to live in peace. Our governments will never allow it, must maintain fear, thus maintaining control.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/flysouth Stewart Wood

    In a war there are no uninjured soldiers.

  • mriee

    they look the hottest during the war

  • Pavan

    looks like they lost smile after war

  • Edwin Sequeira

    This phenomenon is also known as getting old or “aging”.

  • Kathy Wiseman Meek

    Oh my God!! The second to last man. He literally stopped my heart. The life is gone from this poor man’s eyes. I am shaken. Afghans don’t want us there. They hate us. It is a senseless war. Exactly like Vietnam. They hated all Americans too. Find a Vietnam Vet and you will see the same eyes. I know.

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