Apple Working On Fuel Cell Powered MacBooks [REPORT]

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Apple Working On Fuel Cell Powered MacBooks [REPORT] 1

A MacBook has sufficient battery when compared to other netbooks and laptops, nearly 10 hours or so. But still 10 hours is not enough to rely on your MacBook too much. And for that reason, folks at Apple are working on it hard to increase the battery life of your MacBook  by a week. Keep reading for more info.

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As Apple Insider reports that Apple has applied for a series of patents concerning fuel cell powered batteries for its next generation computer devices, which will be even smaller and would last more than a week(almost 20 times the battery of current MacBook Pro).

The patents are entitled,


The filling states that,

Our country’s continuing reliance on fossil fuels has forced our government to maintain complicated political and military relationships with unstable governments in the Middle East, and has also exposed our coastlines and our citizens to the associated hazards of offshore drilling. These problems have led to an increasing awareness and desire on the part of consumers to promote and use renewable energy sources.

As a consequence of increased consumer awareness, electronics manufacturers have become very interested in renewable energy sources for their products, and they have been exploring a number of promising renewable energy sources such as hydrogen fuel which is used in hydrogen fuel cells.

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These batteries would use hydrogen, working with an existing power source inside each computer and would have weeks of battery life and smaller size, making the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air even more portable then ever.

As we mentioned above, these fuel cell batteries are currently under works, so they may take a long time before being used in the MacBooks. There are many problems in the way of their development which have to be solved before these batteries are officially launched by Apple.

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