Top 10 Reasons iOS Is Better Than Android

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Top 10 Reasons iOS Is Better Than Android

Both Android and iOS have some advantages as well as some disadvantages over one another. In this article we are going to discuss what Apple’s iOS has that Android lacks.

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10. AirPlay

This application is only useful for people who own more than one Apple devices. Through this application video streaming is done by just tapping on the screen twice wirelessly. It is a great feature to have, but unfortunately Android does not have any of this kind.

9. The iTunes Media Store

The iTunes store might be the best thing available on the iOS. Through this software which is intuitive as well as simple one can download songs, videos, and books wirelessly. Apple through its iTunes store gives its users an enormous collection of entertainment and that also with ease. Everything that you have downloaded on your device is next time also available on your computer through easy sync.

8. Find My iPhone

The FindMyPhone application now available for free is the best option available to track your phone in case of theft. This application has helped in retrieving many lost iPhones and it has also helped in finding thieves. It is one of the best applications for reducing chances of losing your cell phone and it costs nothing. Android also offers a clone of this app for phone tracking, but its nothing like iOS.

7. Better Support System

One thing that Android cannot take from Apple is their service and support system. While in order to get an Android mobile fixed, it has to be taken to its specific carrier while Apple’s iPhone can be taken to any store or you can call Apple tech support. In both cases, your problems will be resolved. Going to carrier’s franchise is very frustrating while Apple offers a simple and hassle free of resolving problems regarding cell-phone repair.

6. Better Battery Life and Management

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Apple has been working on its battery timings for quite a long time. Their efforts can be clearly seen in the iPad which offers about 10 hours of battery life. The secrets behind this are battery management tactics. According to Apple, their iDevices will be able to last 1 day or even more on a single charge, which comes at a price of extensive multitasking. Apple understands that the multitasking feature will not suffice in front of the need for a longer lasting battery. Sadly, Android is left behind in this aspect and does not offer any kind of battery management system.

5. iTunes and Tethered Syncing

iTunes media manager is the best that is available today. No software on Android or any other system has the ability to compete with it. Android does not come pre-loaded with the iTunes and a software had to be created to bring it to that level.

4. No Malware

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The fact that Google personally is not selling their devices also pulls it down a little bit. When somebody buys an Android phone there is always some rubbish applications downloaded into it that you just don’t want, and you cannot delete it either; so you are somewhat stuck. But with iOS you only get the the default apps which are a part of all other iDevices.

3. Bigger and Better Variety of Apps

The Apple’s iTunes app store is loaded with different variety of apps which cost a little but they are definitely worth the money. The Apple’s app store has become so popular that it has attracted many big companies to launch their apps on it. Other than that it is also a great source of income for developers. There are many fun, entertaining and useful apps available on the app store. The number of apps is definitely greater than those available for Android.

2. Well-Designed, Intuitive User Interface

Apple gives a lot of thought when designing the user interface that even toddlers can use with ease. Their design is simple yet elegant and creative. But an Android device has to be covered thoroughly to be able to use it with ease. This is one thing that Google should learn from iOS.

1. Consistency

Apple’s iOS runs on those devices that are almost similar in every aspect. Therefore, updates and new arrivals are very easy to find. Whereas Android smartphones are manufactured by every other company and the updates are surely specific for each phone. Hence, Apple wins this war by a long-shot.

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20 Comments on “Top 10 Reasons iOS Is Better Than Android”

  1. Nice try baby, but while reading this article it seems that you really had no idea about Android. 
    >Point number 10, 9, 5: seriously … ! have you ever heard of double twist??? if not then please have a look and also galaxy s2 has this amazing feature called ‘AllShare’. 
    >Point number 8: buhaahahahah come on….. have a look at for Samsung mobile tracking and HTC too have a nice website for this purpose (i can’t remember address right now)
    >Point number 6: compare battery timings by yourself, both are latest device:
    >Point number 2: dont let me even start on that. Answer me one thing: “I have money but I hate touch keyboard”. Do they have answer to that?
    >Point number 3: well, every child can do this math. iPhone was there before Android devices and also do you think iPhone just happened to have so much apps from day one. no, there is a thing called ‘progress’. Ever heard of it??
    >Point number 7: There are so many companies including Chinese companies which are not prominent are building Android devices which is the main cause of this. Why don’t you come and compare with HTC, Samsung or Motorola.
    >Point number 1: WT* was that ??? I updated my mobile 2 days ago to 2.3.4. Why you are making thing up, is that frustration or what?
    >Point number 4: You know what I can even uninstall all system apps, I can stop any service I want. Your statement ‘and you cannot delete it either’ clearly shows that you really have no idea about Android devices.
    A word of advice for you: “First do some research, have a cup of coffee, calm yourself, dream of having a nice Android device, and then share some Article on your blog” 
    Thanks (Nice try BTW)

    1. just shut up man!! Iphone rox!!!! android phones also rock… but Iphones are wayy better..!!! and all apple devices have multitasking whereas in android only some phones like s2 has! and if u give an android phone for service it takes minimum 2 weeks…. whereas an apple device jst takes 2 Days!

      1. Only some android phones have multitasking…HAHAHAHAHA!!!…Idiota android had multitasking way before iOS..get your facts right before you comment here

    2. Well i like both but if android got lot more app like apple it will be asome!!Apple also has good apps but u have to pay for the Bad@$$ ones im talking about PVsZ and COD Zombies!!!!

      1.  So??? Of course sales will look higher because anyone can have an android software on the phone. That don’t mean anything. If people could afford iPhone and the monthly bills everyone but the droidbots would buy iPhone.

    3. Okay, I admit, that android is pretty good, but Apple is amazing. Apple’s iOS is SOOOO MUCH MORE stable than android. I have a Droid Charge on 2.3.6. gingerbread and it seems that everytime I look at my phone, another app is crashing or is un-installed on my phone. I also have a iPhone 3Gs, simply amazing. Not once has the phone ever shut off on me randomly, crashed, or un-installed apps without me knowing about it. Apple makes things soooo much easier than android will ever be able too. I can pick up a iPhone and pretty much know everything about it in around 5-10 minutes, I pick a android device, and well, I still cant figure out why it does the things it does. I had to restore my android phone because it was stuck in a boot-loop, after it was restored, I downloaded the 5 apps that I actually used and needed. The next morning, I woke up, took a look at my phone, and all 5 apps were un-installed. Long story short, Apple is sooooo much more user friendly than android is. I bet 9 out of 10 people would choose a iPhone before even thinking of android.

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  3. 10. No one cares
    9. Everyone pirates music. And you HAVE to jump through tons of hoops like using satanic iTunes in order to use an iPhone
    8. There’s tons of Find my Droid apps.
    7. The “Genius” bar at the apple store is the worst support system ever.
    6. iOS 5 has awful battery life
    5. iTunes is more restrictive than a straight jacket.
    4. LOL if you have malware on your phone you should be using a flip phone
    3. Lie.
    2. A UI that is boring as shit and hasn’t changed at all
    1. No one cares

    1. Fuck your shit. Android is a shit company, that always be shit. And who the hell has an android? What company even is it. Can your dick touch your butt hole? Then go fuck yourself. And get off of porn hub and quit jerking it.

  4. I believe with the release of Android 4.0 ICS every single point has been matched if not surpassed.
    10. Airplay- Google Music! take your library wherever you go, even on an iOS device.
    9. iTunes- I’ll admit is a great way to sync content to your iOS device. But contacts can be exported/imported to your Micro SD card, apps can be backed-up using third party apps like Astro File Manager, music can easily be sync via google music, drag and drop, or using 3rd party applications, or downloaded directly from your phones browser, videos can also be dragged and dropped and your playback is not limited to only .3gp, .mp4, and .mov. Furthermore, who needs to buy music or videos when you can torrent; but if you ever have to the Android Market Place has expanded to having music, videos, and books now as well.
    8. Location- Motorola and HTC have this service of their own. For the makers that don’t provide this out of the box you can always download an app that quickly fixes this. These apps can also be used on to locate your device on other Android devices not just from your computer so you won’t have to wait a whole day to get home to your computer to locate your lost iOS device you can just quickly download the app from a friend with you find your phone and be on your way.
    7. Support- This is just a stupid point. Although Apple products can all be serviced by the Genius Bar all phones can easily be serviced at their service provider retail store. In addition you can’t just show up at the Genius Bar you have to schedule appointment prior to your visit so its not as simple as you make it sound whereas for any other phone you just walk in and wait your turn.
    6. Battery- When comparing number side by side iOS deviced do have better battery life. But think about it: The iPhone 4S has decent-good battery life due to iOS 5 being and energy hog and Apples quick fix to this was to undervolt the 1ghz dual core processor to 800mhz. Android devices battery problem can be solved by downloading applications that manage how the phone runs at certain battery levels, and you can buy extended batteries or just another backup standard battery as a backup. 
    5. Syncing- I’ve addressed this in point number 9 already.
    4. Malware- You’re talking about apps that come stock with the device which called BLOATWARE. I’ll admit this is annoying but these apps can be removed by Rooting your phone and with Android 4.0 can be removed even without Rooting.
    3. Apps- When you think about it, it makes sense that iOS app store is more bountiful than the Android Market Place ITS BEEN AROUND LONGER. But you stated that you have to pay for some apps. On Android you can get almost any app for free just by googling the .apk (to get paid apps for free on iOS you have to Jailbreak your device). For those who wish to buy apps on Android you can buy the app use it for a day and if you aren’t satisfied when you uninstall it you can get a REFUND whereas for the iOS App Store once you pay you pay thats it.
    2. Design/UI- The design of iOS devices are simple, sleek and elegant so that would be a plus. As for UI ITS BORING! Its looked the same since firmware 1.0 with each firmware and later iOS upgrade offering small customization from changing the lock screen, changing docked apps, moving around apps, to setting a a wallpaper. ANDROID HAD ALL THAT SINCE ANROID 1.5 CUPCAKE! And has continued to build upon that to make it a more smooth and user friendly interface comparable if not surpassing iOS 5
    1. Consistency- I addressed some this in point 2. And the fact that updates roll out faster on iOS devices is a major plus. But for pure Android device like the Nexus One, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus youll get those updates just as quick cause those are the flagship Android phones.

    I’m pretty much done and I’m 3 months late but any Apple Fanboy that comes across this if you think you can prove me wrong with other points then please feel free to come at me I’m sure i can make it worth your while lol. I am biased towards ICS but I’ve plenty of experience with iOS5 and owned all the iPod touches from gen 1-4 (NO THE NEW ONE THAT COMES IN WHITE IS NOT 5TH GEN ITS GEN 4 BECAUSE ITS NOT DUAL CORE AND OFFERS EXACT SPECS AS ITS BLACK YEAR OLD COUNTERPART) 

  5. Looks like the Droidbots are at it again. The only reason Android is successful is for one reason and one reason only: because Google lets anyone have the Android software. Which means anyone can make crap if they want. Google has no shame. Apple is awesome.

  6. hmmmm….apple sucks and google rules so there o.o i HAD an iphone 3gs could not download shit…could not put music on shit jailbreak…didnt do shit apple is shit. i HAVE galaxy nexus i am god’s son….

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