10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories


After the launch of iDevices such as iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, many manufacturers come with a wide range of accessories. Even though many of these accessories maximize the utility yet, there are some which pointless. We are going to identify Top 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories for you, so that you don’t spend your hard earned money on a useless thing.

Here we go…!

1. Sausage Stylus For iPad & iPhone

Sausage%252520iPad%252520iPhone%252520Stylus 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

This iPad/ iPhone Stylus looks weird when you see it. According to CaseCrown, the tube steak design is perfect in the cold weather when you want to cover your hand with gloves. Furthermore, the company also claims that the compact and slim figure of it can easily be fit into your pocket. Everything seems logical but I don’t know why a shape of sausage is given to it? I recommend , not to use it when you are feeling hungry as it will boots up your hunger to a great extent especially when you couldn’t grill it.


In case you want to buy it then a small stylus will be yours for $5, while for a large size stylus you need to spend $7. (Link)

2. Speaker Towel For iPhone & iPod

iPhone%252520iPod%252520Speaker%252520Towel 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Second pointless accessory is Hi-Sun Towel that is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch and brings built-in speakers for your device. There is no need of these speakers when you are listening music or watching a movie. However, you may need them at a time when you are struggling with an arcade racing game.


It will be yours if you’re ready to spend $80. (Link)

3. Fat-Free Bacon Case For iPad

Fat%252520Free%252520Bacon%252520Case 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Fat-Free Bacon Case lets you to add some fat into your fatless or slim iPad. When you insert your iPad into this protective case then it bears striking resemblances with a greasy slab of uncooked bacon.

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If you are interested in buying it then you are free to get it for $59. At official website of etsy, you can search for some other accessories as well. (Link)

4. TV Hat For iPhone

166 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

This iPhone TV Hat will enter you into a miniature darkroom that hasn’t have any thing interesting for watching. Idea behind this accessory is to provide you a personal theatre. The design of this hat is quite dim-witted , I would never like to wear it at any cost.


I suggest you not to spend your $30 on a totally useless iPhone-connected sun hat. (Link)

5. The iPad Chair

ipad chair 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Another illogical accessory is iPad Chair, comes straight from Elite Gome Theatre Seating. According to company advert, you don’t need to sit on an old sofa or buy a dock or stand for using iPad as today you have an iPad chair that is designed with its own built-in iPad dock. There is an iPad holder at one arm of chair but unfortunately this holder is not as comfortable as you needed. The reason is that when your device is being held by it, then you again need both hands for using iPad. We are not sure whether your posture on this chair is ergonomically correct or not.


You must have $2500 to $6000 in your pocket before place an order for this iPad chair which packs with an iPad holder, a cushiony ride, and a drink holder. (Link)

6. Standle iPad Case

iPad%252520Toolbox 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Griffin’s Standle iPad Case is shaped like a cheap plastic toolbox though you can’t place any tool inside it. One great feature of it, is built-in kickstand on which you can set your iPad easily. However this one feature is not exciting enough to motivate you to spend $50 on it when you can comfootably prop up an iPad on your legs without paying a single penny.


$50 (Currently On Sale For $14.99) (Link)

7. iPhone Leg Strap

iPhone%252520Leg%252520Strap 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Thinphone’s iPhone Leg Strap is another pointless accessory because when you strap your device to your thigh through it, then you will not be able to type messages comfortably. Furthermore, the distance between your eyes and iPhone increases when you use this strap which will surely affect your eye-side.


You will surely take some risk after buying this leg strap for $24.95. (Link)

8. iArm Forearm Mount

iArm%252520Forearm%252520Mount 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

You will surely prefer iArm Forearm Mount on ThinPhone’s iPhone leg strap as with it you can get an extra arm for holding iPad. However, such accessory is available in the imaginary world and you can’t buy it in reality.


$8 (Link)

9. iPhone Lenses

iPhone%252520Lenses 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

The professional photographers may be interested in iPhone lenses that are wide-angle, fish-eye, and 8X telephoto. By using them, you can turn an iPhone’s camera into a professional one. However, one thing makes these lenses useless for you is its portability factor — you can’t put iPhone into your pocket when it has a collection of doodads.


$69.99 (Link)

10. Tango Case For iPhone

iPhone%252520Stylus%252520Case 10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Tango Case is designed by Ten One design, it comes with a side clip that can hold a stylus. Tango case is priced at around $40, whilst for buying stylus you have to spend $15. This case isn’t as stylish as we need for our stunning iPhone. Another minus point of this case is that it overwhelms the real purpose of iPhone’s multi-touch screen.


$39.95 (Link)

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