10 Add-Ons That Slow Firefox Down The Most


Mozilla has released a list of ten(10) Firefox add-ons that affects the browser’s performance the most. The list have been compiled by performing automated tests on different add-ons by Mozilla. If you have any of the listed plugins installed, we recommend you to remove them immediately for faster browsing experience.

blue mozilla firefox wallpapers 535 1600x1200 300x225 10 Add Ons That Slow Firefox Down The MostPress Release:

Slow Performing Add-ons

Add-ons provide many useful features and functions, but they can also cause Firefox to become slower. Some add-ons can even slow Firefox to a crawl and make it difficult to use for regular web browsing. If you think add-ons might be the reason Firefox is lethargic, check the list below for some of the biggest bottlenecks. And remember, for best performance you should disable add-ons that you no longer use regularly.

The following add-ons have the most impact on how long it takes Firefox to start up.

10 Add Ons That Slow Firefox Down The Most 10 Add Ons That Slow Firefox Down The Most

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8 Responses to " 10 Add-Ons That Slow Firefox Down The Most "

  1. jena jena says:

    Why are there only 8? The title says 10. Thanks anyway.

    • Bill Gates says:

      Well it is  simple, it is only 8 shown, the two remainingh is Intel processor instead of faster  AMD processor , and Microsoft  Windows Operating system instead of Linux!

      But  keep is secret and do not let any one else  to  know it!

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  3. RobR says:

    T   h   e      o   t   h   e   r      t   w   o      a   r   e      s   t    i    l    l      d   o   w   n   l   o   a   d   i   n   g   .

  4. Gruff_dan says:

    I had Fastestfox and hated it, not only could I not understand what it was for, but it kept downloading small files to my desk top.

  5. Paulamiddlebrook says:

    The New Firefox 7.0.1 is much faster and simpler. I really like it!

  6. Pj.Winddancer says:

    The New Fire fox 7.0.1 is much faster and simple to use.

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