Top 10 Sports Photographs Taken Using iPhone


You don’t need a gazillion megapixels camera to take great pictures. If you have photographic skills and creativity you can take incredible pictures using even your iPhone. Here are some amazing pictures from the world of sports captured with the help of an iPhone.

Let us know which photos score with you in the comments below. 😀

10. Waiting for Tour de France @ Mont Ventoux VIII by Hans de Kort

9. Shadow 3-Pointer by Juan Calderon


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2 Responses to " Top 10 Sports Photographs Taken Using iPhone "

  1. John says:

    ood sports photography does need good gear.

    The best Ive seen so far is by this guy:

  2. […] Peter Langenhahn, a German sports photographer has a unique way of capturing memorable moments of sports events. Instead of putting pictures for view individually, he combines all the captured moments […]

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