Amazing Scotch Tape Sculptures [PHOTOS]


Check out the Amazing Scotch Tape Sculptures taken from last year’s Scotch Off The Roll packing tape sculpture contest. If you are interested in taking part, visit Off The Roll. (Sculpture with the most votes will be crowned the winner. Entry Deadline is 28th February, 2011)

“Can I Keep Him” By Elizabeth K. (Grand Prize Winner)

“Gone” Fishing By Lindsey P. (First Prize Winner)

“Surprising Guest” By Fu Yong N. (First Prize Winner)

“Trapeze Artist” By Eli B. (First Prize Winner)

“The best of the New York” By Angie K. (Popular Vote Winner)


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7 Responses to " Amazing Scotch Tape Sculptures [PHOTOS] "

  1. […] entry, which required about 24-rolls of tape, was one of 81 submissions to the second annual Scotch Off The Roll Tape Sculpture, sponsored by […]

  2. […] s1); })(); Share TweetSave on Delicious The following intricately layered and textured sculptures are made by a Korean sculptor Yong Ho Ji using recycled automobile tires. Have a […]

  3. Nothankyou says:

    this was truly amazing.   Visiting this website has been a life changing experience which has warmed my heart and inspired me to go out plank.      

  4. MaryMeyers says:

    hey, nothankyou   are you making fun of this   cause if you are, ill have u know this is my favorite website ever.     So don’t be mean about it.  

  5. Nothankyou says:

    Well i think this stuff is stupid – so there

  6. MaryMeyers says:

    Your just a sad lonely person who has nothing better to do than post mean things on the internet

  7. SitjabaAkil says:

    Askum aitatshika kuan en aibo 

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