Microscopic Images Of Human Eye Reveals Its Complicated Structure[PICS]

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Microscopic Images Of Human Eye Reveals Its Complicated Structure[PICS] 1

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16 Comments on “Microscopic Images Of Human Eye Reveals Its Complicated Structure[PICS]”

  1. the human eye is so incredibly amazing!
    not only in complexity, but in the incredible sense of sight that is a true gift from God in all of the beauty that we are blessed with in seeing …. all part of God's glory!!

    1. god dont give a fuck for human eye or humans we destroy, kill and eat everything in this planet why would god care about such life beigs like ourselfs? if god do something it would probably be the human extinction

    1. “science” is nothing more than man’s gradual discovery and understanding of what GOD CREATED, fool! Science didn’t create one single damn thing.

    2. Everything is God created! Everything from the breath you take to the dirt they cover you up with when you die. How can people be so narrow minded as to not realize this? How could God create the earth in 6 days? Maybe one moment to us is a billion years to God? Who knows. But if you look hard enough you will find a few scientists that will explain that without God there would be nothing. And there would be nothing without God! I found one on You Tube!

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