Top 10 Photographs Taken Using Android Phones


You don’t need a gazillion megapixels & a lens to take great pictures. If you have photographic skills & creativity then you can take incredible pictures using even your Android phone. We have collected ten amazing land- and city-scape images taken using Android handsets.

Please do share your thoughts or any great pics you have snapped on your Android, in the comments below. :)

10. Untitled by Tara Holland

More a portrait than a city-scape, this street scene caught our eye and we just had to share it. The awkward-looking subject contrasts brilliantly with the models in the background, and who can fail to smile at a classic case of blackened tooth graffiti?

Handset Used: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream

9. Outside the Kimball Art Museum by Jessica Martinez

The setting sun just peeking out from behind a tree adds a warm radiance to this tranquil landscape, while the colors make for a lovely Autumnal palette.

Handset Used: T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream


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