Top 10 Luxurious Concept Cars & Designs


6. Toyota 4WingX

Toyota 4WingX was one of the ten design proposals idealized and presented by students of the Transportation Design Course of IED Turin which makes use of the same hybrid power technology found in the Toyota Prius but provides a unique style and shape.

5. BMW ZX-6

BMW ZX-6 car concept came from the 3rd year students of Transportation Design School at Turin Based IED for final project of Transportation Design (Designing the BMW of 2015) which is designed in partnership with BMW. The concept is focused keeping in mind the modern needs, tastes and life style of an individual. All the cars designed in this project looks like toy cars. You cannot even imagine them running on roads in the real life. There are different concepts of cars designed by the students and all of them are unbelievable in their design and concept. Check out the one that steals our attention, BMW ZX-6 car concept.

The students drew inspiration from natural elements like the sun, the sea, the wind or the earth and in forms of expression such as music, painting or arts in general to individuate the hypothetical context of life in the year 2015 and created a car that expressed a futuristic vision while keeping the BMW signature streamlines alive in the functioning as well as the profile of the car’s exterior.


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