iPhone Explodes In Man’s Pocket Causing 3rd-Degree Burns

// Mar 1st, 2015
Reports regarding Apple iPhone igniting itself in people’s pockets are not new. It seems like there is no stop to the hazard as another incident has been reported, Erik Johnson being the latest... 
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This Flowchart Will Tell You Which Apple Watch To Buy

// Mar 11th, 2015
The fascination with smartwatches has been on the rise of late. Are you one of those folks who are still on the edge about getting one? Are you concerned that you might be rushing your decision?... 
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These Fully Transparent Solar Panels Could Transform Every Window Into A Power Source

// Mar 24th, 2015
A transparent solar concentrator manufactured by Michigan State University researchers can transform sheets of glass into photovoltaic solar cells. The researchers believe that solar panels of... 
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Social Media

Be Very Careful On Social Media If You Want To Be A CIA Spy, Here’s Why

// Mar 15th, 2015
CIA seems to be having trouble recruiting spies due to more and more people growing overly fond of Facebook. Interestingly, about six bright candidates are dropped by the agency mainly because... 
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Top 10 Lists

Here Are The World’s Safest Airlines for 2015

// Jan 7th, 2015
The annual list of the 10 safest flights in the world have been unveiled by AirlineRatings.com. It’s not surprising that Australian airline Qantas has managed to clinch the first place. The... 
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Post Modern Skateboard Has No Board, Just Two Unconnected Wheels

// Mar 23rd, 2015
Any product that makes its way to the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog promises a new world of entertainment. One of such exciting items to feature on those pages is the Post Modern Skateboard that... 
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Medical Breakthrough

These Contact Lenses Give You Telescopic Vision With 3X Zoom

// Mar 18th, 2015
We have seen and heard of some exciting developments about contact lenses of late. Scientists have been successful in designing smart lenses which can monitor glucose levels of diabetes patients.... 
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Tips & Tricks

Here’s How You Can Turn Used Plastic Bottles Into Plastic Wire or Rope

// Mar 20th, 2015
If you happen to be a fan of the popular superhero TV show ‘Arrow’, you would most probably fancy the idea of creating this makeshift rope using nothing but plastic bottles. Afterall, there... 
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