Apple iPhone 6 Bends In Man’s Pocket and Catches Fire [VIDEO]

// Oct 21st, 2014
Concerns over the iPhone 6 ‘bend gate’ have started to make a lot more sense now. Only just recently, the iPhone 6 bent in a man’s jeans and caught fire. Philip Lechter claims that it injured... 
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Barsha Pump Provides Irrigation Water, Runs Without Fuel Or Electricity

// Nov 13th, 2014
“Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership, working together to address the challenge of climate change.” aQysta receiving an award for the Barsha Pump In... 
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Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Replace Street Lights In Netherlands

// Nov 24th, 2014
Glow-in-the-dark roads have been a popular discussion of late. They seem to be gaining popularity by the day. Vincent van Gogh concepts have finally been translated into reality in the Netherlands.... 
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Social Media

33 Most Touching Photos Ever Taken

// Nov 16th, 2014
There are times when a camera captures something truly awesome. It can be horrific, lovely, hopeful, tragic or uplifting. Today we focus on “touching” photographs from around the... 
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Top 10 Lists

7 Myths About Barcodes and Barcode Scanners Debunked

// Oct 29th, 2014
If you’re considering adding barcodes to your retail shop, you probably have many questions, especially if you’ve never worked with them before. There are a lot of myths about what they do... 
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Watch a Truck Jump Over a Lotus F1 Car, Just For Fun

// Nov 25th, 2014
EMC folks have recently pulled off stunts that make Vin Diesel’s antics seem like easy peasy chores. EMC and Lotus F1 team have now achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest jump.... 
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Medical Breakthrough

Watch A Neurosurgeon Perform A Subdural Hematoma Operation

// Nov 22nd, 2014
Medical science has truly advanced of late. Specialists are finding better and safer ways to operate on patients who suffer fatal injuries. Take this 83 year old woman, for instance, who suffered... 
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Tips & Tricks

10 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

// Nov 11th, 2014
You might feel the urge to know what are the places you visited that Google is aware of. This might as well direct your interest to obtain the list of ads you may have clicked too. Let this post... 
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