iPhone Explodes In Man’s Pocket Causing 3rd-Degree Burns

// Mar 1st, 2015
Reports regarding Apple iPhone igniting itself in people’s pockets are not new. It seems like there is no stop to the hazard as another incident has been reported, Erik Johnson being the latest... 
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This Flowchart Will Tell You Which Apple Watch To Buy

// Mar 11th, 2015
The fascination with smartwatches has been on the rise of late. Are you one of those folks who are still on the edge about getting one? Are you concerned that you might be rushing your decision?... 
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Shoes That Grow: Sandal That Expands By Five Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions Of Poor Children

// Apr 17th, 2015
One of the sad bits about growth in human beings is the fact that the apparel needs to be regularly updated. As kids grow up, more has to be spent on clothes and shoes since they begin to ‘grow’... 
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Top 10 Lists

24 Made-Up Words That Must Be Added To A Dictionary

// Apr 21st, 2015
It is almost imperative for dictionaries to keep up with the latest advancements in language or else they become outdated. Take the example of the internet; it has been a hub for a number of... 
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Post Modern Skateboard Has No Board, Just Two Unconnected Wheels

// Mar 23rd, 2015
Any product that makes its way to the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog promises a new world of entertainment. One of such exciting items to feature on those pages is the Post Modern Skateboard that... 
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Medical Breakthrough

These Contact Lenses Give You Telescopic Vision With 3X Zoom

// Mar 18th, 2015
We have seen and heard of some exciting developments about contact lenses of late. Scientists have been successful in designing smart lenses which can monitor glucose levels of diabetes patients.... 
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Tips & Tricks

9 Useful Hotel Tricks You Must Know Before Your Next Stay

// Mar 27th, 2015
Each time we decide to book a room in a hotel, we are naturally interested in studying what the room must be like and what the surroundings seem like. Still, there remain things about hotels... 
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