Global Impact of the Apple iPhone [INFOGRAPHIC]

// Apr 7th, 2014
There is no denying that the Apple iPhone has been a trend setter in the smartphone industry ever since its inception in 2007. Not only has it affected methods of interaction of consumers with... 
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This Amazing New iWatch Concept Features A Round Moto 360-like Display

// Apr 18th, 2014
Google is already out with the new with its announcement of its Android Wear OS that is fully optimized with smartwatch. What are the odds that Apple will follow up with something along similar... 
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12th Class Indian Boy Builds Waterproof Shoe That Charges Phones As You Walk

// Mar 24th, 2014
It is pretty nice to hear news about secondary school kids inventing something spectacular. We heard of the creation of a 3D printer by a 15 year old lad in the recent past. It seems like it... 
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Social Media

Top 10 Facts About Twitter You Probably Didn’t Know

// Mar 18th, 2014
Twitter has had a massive impact on life as we know it across the World Wide Web, but here are 10 curious, and a little scary, facts you probably didn’t know about Twitter. 10. 2013 Tweet... 
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Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Successful College Dropouts

// Apr 10th, 2014
A rising education debt and uncertain job market weigh heavily on students, but we promise there is hope! Here are 10 of the top college dropouts who are crazy successful today. 1. David Karp,... 
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Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Now a Reality

// Apr 16th, 2014
What could contribute to the safety of motorists and also save energy at the same time? Glow in the dark roads, ofcourse! This smart highway in the Netherlands stretches 500 meters of length.... 
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Tips & Tricks

How Operating Systems Got Their Names

// Mar 16th, 2014
Have you ever been curious about the origins of the names of the renowned operating systems? Ofcourse, with operating systems like the Apple iOS you know that big cats are the inspiration. However,... 
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