The Clearest Images We Have Yet of the Space Gray iPhone 6

// Jun 25th, 2014
The Apple iPhone 6 is in news of late. Reports suggest that it is going gold following the start of the next month. Not surprisingly, Foxconn bears the responsibility of assembly of the initial... 
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How BlackBerry is Making its Comeback

// Jun 28th, 2014
At the beginning of 2014, BlackBerry started to implement new strategies for an impressive comeback. With the help of turnaround specialist, John Chen taking the reins as CEO, BlackBerry is back... 
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FingerReader: A 3D-Printed Device That Reads Text Aloud to the Blind

// Jul 17th, 2014
There are still a number of readers out there in the modern day. The blind have to resort to various other ways to accomplish this task, unfortunately. Louise Braille helped their cause by inventing... 
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Social Media

Sexy Social Media Photos Make You Look Less Competent, Study Says

// Jul 16th, 2014
Revealing and seductive profile pictures on social networking websites like Facebook are rather common these days. While plenty of men might be charmed by the act (typical), women perceive such... 
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Top 10 Lists

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Radiation

// Jun 7th, 2014
Radiation can be used to save the life of a person through cancer treatments. Radiation can also be very deadly. It is no secret that society has done loads of questionable acts in order to try... 
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Rotimatic – Introducing World’s First Automatic Roti Maker

// Jul 12th, 2014
The responsibility to make food almost automatically falls on women’s shoulders in South Asia. Making rotis that are always served fresh is a rather daunting task. That leaves women at the... 
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Medical Breakthrough

Doctors in India Remove 232 Teeth From Boy’s Mouth

// Jul 24th, 2014
So they said you will have no more than 32 teeth when you are an adult, right? Well, how about 232 teeth instead? Ashik Gavai is a 17 year old Indian boy who had a whopping 232 teeth removed... 
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Tips & Tricks

An Investment In Yourself, Online Degrees That Pay

// Jul 13th, 2014
Let’s face it: Everyone loves money. Even if you don’t consider yourself a mercenary money-lover, you want to make a decent income so that you can take care of your family. The problem... 
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